A look into “the race : the dark truth behind a race between a turtle and a rabbit”

As I may have mentioned, I am a chaotic writer/artist. As a result of this I can never seem to work on just one thing at a time, or two or three for that matter. Currently I am working, mostly in my mind, on a series of paintings based upon the great race between the turtle and the hare. They were to be based upon an idea I had of a darker version of how the race went. While working out the semantics of how this painting would work, I decided I should write the story first. This was supposed to be a short story of the dark side of the race, but I suspect by the time I’m finished that I will have a short novel on my hands. Needless to say, the story begins with a wager between  Mortimer the turtle and Jack, the fastest rabbit in the Woods Hill Forest. This sets off a chain of events leading to the story that we all think we know so well. In this version of the story, Mortimer and Jack were far from the only participants in the race. In fact so many of Woods Hill’s residents signed up, that the sign up sheet was taken down. The race was eventually limited to the first twelve participants, due to the fact that the clearing that the race was to take place in simply could not accommodate any more. Mortimer had wagered his beautiful home against Jack’s rundown mud hut that he could beat Jack and any other takers in a race. To say that Mortimer’s beautiful and brilliant fiancee Shirley was not thrilled with the idea would be an understatement for the ages. Shirley is our main antagonist in this story. Shirley first tries to talk some sense into Mortimer, but he was quite a stubborn turtle and his mind was made up. Shirley decides that she will have to take things into her own capable hands. Shirley does so, with some help from her friend, Marie the hen. Marie just so happened to know everything about everybody, and for that reason was a perfect accomplice for this particular plots. Shirley used Marie to find out the weaknesses of all of the participants. She then put into motion a chain of events that led to Mortimer winning the race. As the story of old goes, the rabbit lets his ego get in the way and the turtle proves that slow and steady wins the race. A nice heartfelt little lesson, but not the case in this particular story. Don’t get me wrong, Jack’s ego is a factor in his loss, but plotting and scheming really won this race. Shirley was one cunning turtle and did not want to lose her home, because her fiancee had made a wager he could never win. Atleast not without her help. Leo the enormous lion of Woods Hole was one of the participants in the race. He had grown quite fond of a field mouse named Milly and her sisters. As you might know, Milly had helped Leo out with a prickly situation involving a thorn in his paw shortly after he had migrated to Woods Hole. Milly happened to be another of the twelve participants, but let’s focus on Leo for now. Leo also happened to have a feud with Samuel, a gigantic brown bear who also happened to be a participant in the race. Shirley figured that she could use this feud and Leo’s fondness for the field mice to her advantage and kill two birds with one stone, so to speak. Marie was not a fan of the saying, but agreed that this might be Shirley’s best route to take. Their feud was mostly based on ego, a king of the jungle sort of thing. If she could convince Leo that his mice friends, whose safety he felt responsible for, were in danger because of Samuel and also convince Samuel that his food cache was in danger because of Leo, they would both be too distracted for a silly race. I’ll leave out the gruesome details, mostly because I haven’t gotten around to all of them at this point, but you get the idea. Its time for me to go though, so I hope you all enjoyed a glimpse into my little tale.


Here goes nothing : The Chaotic Skuzz

It is 8:53 am where I am and I’ve spent all night writing. Moving quickly from one idea to the next, in the chaotic way I’ve always wrote. For that matter it’s pretty similar to the chaotic life I’ve always seemed to find myself living. I once had my writing compared to Jack Kerouac, but I think it was a backhanded compliment. It was a short story based on Dante Alighieri’s Divine Comedy, specifically on part 1, Inferno. Knowing a bit about the quite famous epic poem, I knew for instance that Dante was guided by Virgil. I also knew that he had nine circles of hell with each getting progressively worse. Now since my version was written 700 years later, Dante and I differed on what sins were punishable and by how much. I don’t remember Dante’s levels off of the top of my head, but I believe the first circle was limbo, which was for those who went unbaptized. Next up was lust, for those who couldn’t keep it in their pants. I believe the seventh or eight circle was for fraud. What I do remember is that it was after violence, which was ludicrous to me. Although given the time differences, violence was looked at much differently.Needless to say, we varied on what crimes should be punished more harshly than others. I wish that I had my story here to reference, but I’m in the process of going through years of writings. Most of it in notebooks or looseleaf paper too. Regardless, I remember the story fairly well considering I wrote it over a decade ago. I had ten levels in my hell and as I remember murderers were in level nine and rapists and child molesters were in level ten or vice versa. Dante was fairly graphic in his version, but I was graphic to the point where you would feel almost violated by what you were reading. To be honest this is what I was going for and as a 17 year old boy at the time, maybe I was just looking for shock value. In retrospect though I feel like it should have been shocking. If there is a hell, it should be chaotic and shocking, so I wrote it the way I wanted to. I hope that I can find it and confirm that, but for right now, I’m standing by my 17 year old self. In my story, the punishments fit the crime for the most part, so rapists were being raped and so on. In some cases this wasn’t possible, but I was sure to make the punishment as gruesome, if not more than the original crime. I also had some celebrities in there to sort of lighten the mood. Knowing that I wasn’t planning on writing two more stories like”purgatorio” and “paridiso” I had to do something to lighten the mood of the story, otherwise it would have been some really scary dark shit. With quite a bit of gruesome detail to boot. Well I’m off to walk my dog and get a coffee. Welcome to the fucked up mind of skuzzy the one. Hahaha. What a post for my first time. I’m not sure how this works exactly, but I’m sure I will have tons of followers after this. Mostly therapists or suggestions for therapists. Hahaha. Have a great day and keep it skuzzy. I always do đŸ˜‰